The Way to Work: a bold new vision for the PrES industry

"The way to work: A job for every person, a person for every job" is the new vision brought to life by Ciett for the private employment services (PrES) industry.

Ultimately the PrES industry provides the way to work: as a labour market entry point PrES direct the way to work; PrES offer a new way to work through offering flexibility and a range of contractual arrangements; PrES give people a great way to work, providing decent and quality work; and PrES help people to organise the way to work, providing a better and faster match of supply and demand.


Building on the Adapting to Change report, Ciett is taking the industry to a new, indisputable level. In May 2012, Ciett unveiled the industry's commitment to better functioning labour markets through the pledges Ciett members will unertake at the global level, over the next 5 years to:  




The pledges are global targets, representing the combined contribution of the PrES industry across the world. The values of the PrES industry are centred around people, because work is an essential part of life and identity. These values: quality; inclusiveness; serving and freedom underline and inform our vision and pledges, they demonstrate our commitment to advancing people and businesses through work.


Fred van Haasteren, Ciett President stated Our vision is to live in a world where there is a job for every person, and a person for every job. The pledges are our public commitment to achieving our vision and will help measure the contribution our industry is making to the functioning of the labour market. We know the pledges sound ambitious, but in fact they represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what our industry could achieve with the right regulatory environment.  


This new global positioning is explained in a passport issued to every Ciett member. This is the identity document for the industry which communicates where prviate employment services are headed in the next five years.