Friday 23 March 2012 (13:40)

Private employment agencies employ 10.4 million workers across the globe


2010 saw the industry add 1 million full time equivalent jobs

Ciett’s newly published annual economic report shows a strong uptick in the private employment agency industry throughout 2010 and in the early parts of 2011, before a gradual slowdown in growth as 2011 progressed. The report shows that the penetration rate for the industry is moving towards pre crisis levels in Europe and the US.


Ciett Managing director Denis Pennel stated “Over 10 million people are employed as agency workers with the industry growing by 1 million jobs in the in 2010. The industry is playing a key role in creating jobs across the globe.”


The 128,000 private employment agencies worldwide provide jobs for 10.4 million agency workers [employed on a full time equivalent basis] and employ over 908,000 internal staff across 176,000 branches with annual turnover for the industry amounting to 247 Billion Euros.


The United States and Japan are the global leaders in agency work, accounting for 27% and 19% of the market respectively. The combined total country sales revenues for Europe accounts for 38% of global turnover in the industry.


The report also highlights that nearly three in five agency workers are aged less than 30 and that on average, 27% of agency workers have completed tertiary education.


Read the report here